Jessica in with slim chance of success

Jessica Allsop isn’t cheesed off about her waistline any more after losing more than ten stone and earning herself a place in the finals of a national slimming competition.

The 22-year-old blames tucking into snacks including lumps of cheese and packets of crisps for sending her weight ballooning to more than 21 stone.

However, the mother of two is now just half the woman she used to be after turning her back on unhealthy eating and joining a weight loss group.

Since signing up with Slimming World in Monkseaton a year ago in January, she has watched her weight plummet from 21st 5lb to 10st 8lb.

Jessica, of Whitley Bay, said: “It started from a young age. I went to my first slimming class at the age of ten. I would lose weight, but then it would pile back on through comfort-eating.

“I was in denial. I’d tried so many times and so many ways to lose weight before, usually depriving myself of the foods I enjoy, counting calories and going hungry, so inevitably my attempts failed miserably.

“I decided to have one last try and luckily I found Slimming World.

“It suddenly clicked. I thought ‘I’m 21 and I weigh more than I should for my age’. I had to do it then, for me and my two kids. It has changed my life. I’ve lost what I currently weigh. I’ve lost a whole me and more.

“I’m much more confident and adventurous and I don’t worry any more.”

Jessica is one of ten group members vying to be named Slimming World’s slimmer of the year next month.

A prize of £3,000 cash or a holiday in Mexico is on offer at the award ceremony on Saturday, November 12, in Birmingham.