Jim gets on his bike to promote week

Karl McCracken and Jim Mackey.
Karl McCracken and Jim Mackey.
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A health chief got on his bike to promote the benefits of cycling as part of UK Bike Week.

Jim Mackey, chief executive of Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, took to two wheels for his daily commute with support from UK charity Sustrans.

He rode from his home to the trust’s offices at Cobalt Business Park with Sustrans smarter choices co-ordinator Karl McCracken.

Jim said: “I enjoyed the ride to work and arrived feeling energised, ready to tackle the day ahead.

“Despite a stressful day I was able to appreciate being outside on the journey home, soaking up my surroundings.

“It was much more pleasant than my usual commute to and from work and I’d highly recommend giving it a go.”

Karl said: “Choosing to commute by bike is a great way to be more active day-to-day, which rapidly increases health.

“We’ll be working with the trust and many other workplaces across the region to encourage more staff to give cycling a go.”