Jordan gets on his bike to thank charity

Brought to you by the News Guardian.
Brought to you by the News Guardian.

A man who slept rough has taken part in a charity bike ride to raise money for a group who helped turn his life around.

Jordan Davison took part in a 24-hour 126-mile coast to coast bike ride from Whitehaven to Whitley Bay in aid of Making Winter Warmer.

Jordan slept on the streets of Newcastle for two months before he found the group.

Jo Burns, co-founder of Making Winter Warmer, said: “When we met Jordan on outreach, he was in a very vulnerable place.

“We managed to help him with essential items to make his life on the streets a little more comfortable to begin with.

“It didn’t take long until we managed to get Jordan into shared accommodation and get him off the streets.

“With Jordan’s bravery and determination he has managed to turn his life around.”

Jordan said: “ Whilst on the streets I was very much a depressive slump often worrying about not having a enough money to even buy food.

“Now, I actually help give something back by making up food packs for other street friends by the group on a Friday night.

“I am now feeling like the happiest person in the world.”

Making Winter Warmer rely on donations from the public to fund their group and have drop off points around the north east.

Donations are sorted and packed ready for distribution to our street friends on a Friday night outreach.

Jo said: “We do whatever we can to help our ‘street friends’ whether this be a donation of clothing, a sleeping bag, advise and sign posting to further help, accommodation or even just a listening ear to help them unload their stress and worries on a friendship and trustworthy level.”