Joy for protesters as council rejects takeaway plans

PLANS to open another takeaway in Cullercoats have been rejected by councillors.

The application, by Hussain Mashta, of Dursley in Gloucestershire, would have seen an extension built on the back of the Flowers by the Bays store, in St George’s Street, to be used as an additional hot food outlet open from 5pm until 11.30pm on weekdays.

Mr Mashta had planned to turn the adjoining garage into a waiting area for customers.

An air purification unit would have also been fitted.

His application was turned down by North Tyneside Council’s planning committee on Tuesday, however, on the grounds it could have an adverse impact on residents nearby.

The authority received 34 letters of objection from residents concerned that the takeaway would lead to an increase in litter, noise, vermin and smells, as well as potentially providing a focus for anti-social behaviour.

One of the objectors, Brian Melville, of Mast Lane in Cullercoats, said: “We are against it because of the noise, odour and loss of social amenity.

“There is absolutely no need for a hot food takeaway here.

“There are some just 40 metres away from this street.

“There is a fear of anti-social behaviour. If gangs of youths are hanging around the street, police can move them on, but if there is a takeaway opening from 5pm until midnight, all they will have to say is that they are waiting for food.”

Objections were also submitted by Cullercoats ward councillor George Westwater and highways and environmental health officials.

Mark Brooker, of Newcastle-based surveyor Storeys-SSP, representing Mr Mashta, argued that it was not uncommon to have takeaway outlets in residential areas.

“All the other takeaways in Cullercoats are in residential areas,” he said.

“With regards to anti-social behaviour, I didn’t realise it was such a terrible place to live.

“You can’t just plan for a negative minority of people.

“If you think like that, we would be closing the Metro.”

Every single member of the committee voted against the proposals.

Coun Shirley Mortimer, also of the Cullercoats ward, said: “I think Mr Melville has hit the nail on the head.

“We have tons of restaurants and takeaways in the area.

“Mr Brooker is very wrong because he has not done his homework properly.

“If he had, he would have seen the anti social youths that we have to put up with in this area already, and the councillors are always having to ring up the police.”