Katy and Siri ready for a TV challenge

A dog lover from the borough will be putting her pooch to the test as part of a Channel 4 programme to find a superstar dog.

Katy Luscombe, from Camperdown, will next week take part in the new series Superstar Dogs: Countdown to Crufts with her Red Fox Labrador Siri.

The pair will compete in a series of heats to find the top dog, that will be crowned at Crufts.

Katy said: “I entered the competition on a whim, never expecting that we would get this far.

“Until a month ago we’d never done any dog sports or agility before, so it was a huge surprise to be selected along with dogs who do agility and flyball competitively.

“We’ve put a lot of work into an intensive training programme – fortunately, Siri is such a smart boy that he’s picked the games up pretty easily unlike me, who has found the process very challenging.

“It would be amazing to win because I’m constantly overwhelmed by what a second-hand Labrador with a big heart and boundless enthusiasm can achieve.

“He means the world to me and I think he’s a wonderful advocate for rehomed dogs everywhere.”

The show is presented by John Barrowman, and the contestants will be judged by The Kennel Club expert Dave Ray.

A total of 30 dogs and their owners are taking part over ten heats, with three teams in each. Twelve dogs will make it through to one of the four semi-finals, the winners of each then going to the final.

Katy and Siri’s heat will be shown at 5.30pm on Tuesday, February 25.