Kind thanks for all the assistance

May I convey heartfelt thanks to the kind people who helped my husband on Sunday, March 1.

At about 3.45pm in North View, near the roundabout opposite Cullercoats Co-op, he was unfortunately over-taken by a diabetic hypo, became confused and disorientated, collapsing on the pavement.

This was the first hypo for about a year, and since that time we have taken the precaution of giving George, our Whippet, the responsibility of carrying dextrose lozenges and emergency instructions in a leather wallet buckled on to his high viz yellow coat.

This proved to be useful today as helpful people carried out my emergency instructions, giving Jim glucose and ringing for an ambulance.

Well done George, you must have stood still and remained calm as these kindly people helped your master.

Enormous gratitude to you all; without your timely intervention he may have been taken for a drunk.

Thanks to Penny and Peter who speedily came to tell me what had happened, and then ensured that I had found Jim and all was under control.

By the time I arrived at 4pm, John and Chris, the two North East Ambulance Service paramedics who came to his rescue, were sorting him out within the ambulance in a most cheerful and efficient way. Thanks Guys.

The NHS does take very good care of us here in the north east, and I for one do not take it for granted. Thank you all very much.

Carol Marr

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