Kindness of many far outweighs one

When Tom, one of our two cats went missing last weekend, my whole family, including Tom’s brother Jerry with whom he’s grown up since ‘kittenhood’, were worried and upset.

On Sunday afternoon, I hurriedly produced approximately 300 small slips of paper to distribute around the neighbourhood appealing for help.

With my wife and two children we posted these through as many doors as possible, and many neighbours, some of whom we’ve never even met, kindly spoke and promised to keep an eye out.

Thankfully, Tom turned up safe and sound on Monday night, none the worse for his mysterious ordeal.

If you were one of those that opened a shed door and released a small grey cat, you might have thought little of it. However, I can thank you for making my whole family very happy and relieved.

If you are the one who rudely threw the slip of paper back at me in front of my two children, we were not being a nuisance, selling double glazing, making a noise or anything else. We were just appealing for a little help.

If you ever need a similar small favour, please don’t hesitate to knock on my door. I will help in any way I can as a neighbour should.

To the other 299 residents who received this appeal, many thanks for your help, and for being such good neighbours.

Your kindness far outweighs one solitary individual.

Phil Hickey

Whitley Bay