Labour's Norma Redfearn re-elected as Mayor

Norma Redfearn after winning her second term as Elected Mayor for North Tyneside.
Norma Redfearn after winning her second term as Elected Mayor for North Tyneside.

Labour are celebrating after Norma Redfearn was re-elected Mayor for North Tyneside.

Voters took to the polling stations yesterday (Thursday) to vote in their new Mayor, with the result being announced today.

Mrs Redfearn took 56 per cent of the votes - with 29,655 - to secure victory in the first round of voting, and a three per cent swing to Labour in the process.

She became the first Mayor to secure back-to-back terms at North Tyneside Council, and increased her majority in the process.

A delighted Mrs Redfearn said: "It's about making North Tyneside a great place to work and live and for people to be proud of.

"The people have shown they believe in what I'm trying to do and have trust in the council.

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank the residents of North Tyneside for re-electing me for a second term.

“I think that this reflects the good progress we have made over the last four years, and my commitment to delivering on our priorities over the coming years. During this time, I will continue to be a listening mayor for everyone in North Tyneside.”

With regeneration in Whitley Bay and Wallsend progressing, Mrs Redfearn said she now wanted to look at the regeneration of North Shields and improving areas in the west of the borough, such as Forest Hall.

"It is about doing what is best for the borough," she added.

"People now believe in what we can do."Conservative candidate Stewart Hay received 16,164 votes (30.5%), Liberal Democrats candidate John Appleby received 3,537 (6.7%) and UKIP candidate Stuart Houghton received 3,248 (6.1%).On hearing the election results, Norma Redfearn said: “

There were no elections for ward councillors on this occasion so the political make up of North Tyneside Council remains as:

· Labour: 51

· Conservative: 7

· Liberal Democrat: 2