Labour strengthens position by holding Tynemouth and North Tyneside seats

Labour are celebrating after strengthening their position in North Tyneside with increased majorities.

Friday, 9th June 2017, 2:52 am
Updated Tuesday, 13th June 2017, 2:36 pm
Labour's Mary Glindon and Alan Campbell celebrate their re-elections with increased majorities.

Both Mary Glindon and Alan Campbell were re-elected when the General Election results were announced in the early hours of Friday morning.

Mr Campbell, who has been Tynemouth MP since 1997, was delighted to hold off a strong push from the Conservative party who had targeted the seat as one of their 150 priorities.

Despite visits from Prime Minister Theresa May and Brexit campaigner David Davis, Mr Campbell saw his majority increase to 11,666 – from 8,240 in 2015.

Speaking to the News Guardian, he said: “I’m absolutely delighted to be re-elected with an increased majority and a further swing to us.

“It was a hard fought campaign, the Conservatives threw a great deal into it. We had visits from the Prime Minister, the Chancellor and several other big names. They put a lot of effort into this campaign but it never really took off.

“They tried to make it into something it wasn’t. They made it about Brexit but the people we talked to were concerned about local issues.

“We were the ones talking about hospitals, crime and education.”

He added: “It was a fantastic turnout. We fought this really hard.

“This election came on the back of a Mayoral election but there was no voter fatigue. Our campaigners and the people who voted were determined to see a Labour MP elected.”

Mr Campbell said it would be interesting to see what happened nationally now, but praised Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn for a good campaign.

Mary Glindon, who has represented North Tyneside constituency since 2010, saw her majority increase to 19,284 – from 17,194 in 2015.

She said that residents were concerned about local issues, such as the health service and education.

Mrs Glindon said: “I feel it was a victory for the ordinary people who have spoken out. They don’t want to lose the health service or have really large classroom sizes.

“Our manifesto was well thought out, we had confidence in it.

“On the doorstep, Brexit was not an issue. It was the NHS, education, every thing that affects people’s lives now.

“People have accepted the Brexit vote, it is not as big an issue. What worries them is the here and now.

“They didn’t believe what the Conservatives were saying about Labour being dangerous in the Brexit negotiations.

“The Conservatives made a false call with this election. Theresa May has thrown it away.”

North Tyneside result:-

Mary Glindon (Labour) 33,456

Henry Newman (Conservative) 14,172

Gary Legg (UKIP) 2,101

Greg Stone (Liberal Democrats) 1,494

Martin Collins (Green) 669 votes

Turnout was 66.77 per cent – 51,984

Tynemouth result:-

Alan Campbell (Labour) 32,395

Nick Varley (Conservative) 20,729

John Appleby (Liberal Democrats) 1,724

Stuart Houghton (UKIP) 1,257

Julia Erskine (Green) 629

Anthony Jull THE DURHAM COBBLER (independent) 124 votes

Turnout was 74.48 per cent – 56,984