Learn about marine life

Kerry Heseltine.
Kerry Heseltine.

Wildlife enthusiasts are being given the chance to learn more about marine conversation.

Whale and dolphin charity ORCA has teamed up with DFDS ferry King Seaways.

North Sea wildlife officer Kerry Heseltine, 25, will work as part of the crew, helping passengers see one of the many cetaceans such as minke whales, harbour porpoises and bottlenose dolphins on crossings between North Shields and Amsterdam.

Kerry will also be instructing trainees as part of the new four weeks at sea ‘Wildlife Officer Placement’ courses.

Kerry said: “Returning to ORCA as the North Sea wildlife officer is a wonderful opportunity for me to continue educating and inspiring the general public on not only cetaceans but other marine life in our waters and the conservation efforts to help protect it.”

Applications are now open for the ‘Wildlife Officer Placements’ in the North Sea. For more details visit www.orcaweb.org.uk/get-involved/wildlife-officer-placements