LETTERS: Interesting comments

There have been various observations by coastal-based residents concerning local events, and wider issues concerning the UK, Europe and the world (News Guardian, July 28), if you will allow me to interpret their views.

Saturday, 20th August 2016, 6:00 am
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 3:54 pm

A letter on voluntary litter removal by an individual at untidy Whitley Bay was followed by Mr Logan advising us that the Mouth of the Tyne event had potential hazards when a road closure had turned out to be not entirely closed, with unexpected vehicles and cyclists appearing.

Councillor Barrie, of Cullercoats, thanked people for arranging a very successful Harbour Day at Cullercoats.

However, I am aware that there is the same sort of traffic restriction being requested now at Cullercoats events such as Harbour Day, and there is a litter problem.

I did put in a very short appearance at the Tynemouth Front Street events, only to encounter an impatient car driver finding his way down a back street at an inappropriate speed.

As I have to go out on walking sticks, I was already trying to avoid a cyclist, on the wrong side of the road, I believe.

Words were exchanged by the cyclist, driver and me, before I was able to reach a crowded pavement.

Two people I happen to know had rather heavier efforts on the letters’ page concerning the present state of the main opposition party in the UK. Their letters seemed to doubt the merits of anybody of the ‘left’.

Various factions of Labour, Tory and other parties have quite opposite views regarding the EU, the UK, Nato defences, TTIP (whatever that really is) and Hinkley Point C Nuclear Power Station.

There is little more important to our ‘life support’ than totally reliable supplies of energy, electricity in particular being as vital as the NHS. Energy has just been relegated to an element of business and industry, a commercial consideration only.

The appointment of Boris Johnson to that extremely sensitive post of foreign secretary was, I believe, the Prime Minister’s first known error.

The lack of insight concerning the Department of Energy is even worse.

AM Johnson