LIBRARY: Oppose cuts to the hours

The elected mayor and her cabinet are currently looking for budget savings and are again proposing to reduce the hours of Cullercoats Library.

Thursday, 1st February 2018, 6:08 am

Cullercoats Library opens three days per week, which in itself reduces the time that children and adults can use it.

I am totally opposed to any further reductions in hours for the residents of Cullercoats.

I will ask you and anyone who is against the reduction in Cullercoats Library hours to sign the Friends of Cullercoats Library petition.

Alternatively, you can write to Norma Redfern, the elected mayor of North Tyneside, by sending her an email to

Tell Mrs Redfern your views and the reason why you are against the reduction in Cullercoats Library hours.

Your comments will make a difference and it is important you do this today.

Coun Ken Barrie

Cullercoats Ward