Licences should be more strictly controlled

I READ with interest the letter from G Milne (News Guardian, September 8).

Whilst I agree that stag and hen parties should be controlled, or rather their behaviour controlled, banning individuals or groups because they don’t fit your ideal is unacceptable.

What next, no football shirts, no people with glasses, no people with different opinions or even opinions, and then the real difficult ones, of skin and hair colour?

Tynemouth is nice and should be kept that way, but why not make parts of Whitley Bay similar?

Why do we have to accept drunkenness, violence and loutish behaviour?

Why do people need to drink at 8.30am in pubs in Whitley Bay ‘high street’?

Licences should be more strictly controlled, offenders more harshly punished not just pushed round the corner because you don’t ‘like’ them, that just makes your little bubble cosy with no thought for others.

In the United States there is a saying that helps in the fight against terrorism that should be adopted to fight unacceptable behaviour – See it, say it.


Whitley Bay