Lifeboat crew get four calls

Winchman nearing the lifeboat. Picture by Michael Scott / RNLI
Winchman nearing the lifeboat. Picture by Michael Scott / RNLI

Volunteers at Cullercoats RNLI had a busy day on Sunday as they spent several hours helping to save lives at sea following a series of call-outs.

The crew, Ben Bradshaw, Helmsman, Marc Pattinson, Adam Wiseman and Curtis Dunn, had to deal with four call-outs.

These included searches, rescues and tows as well as working with the RAF Boulmer search and rescue helicopter.

The first call-out, at 2.4opm, involved a boat which suffered engine failure a mile and a half north east of St Mary’s Island.

Just 20 minutes later, the crew received a report of a child in difficulty in the water near Seaton Sluice after falling into the sea.

The lifeboat made its way to the scene and arrived within a few minutes to find the child was safely ashore.

On their way back to Cullercoats station at 4.43pm the crew were then called to assist an injured kayaker in the water east of Blyth.

Then at 5.45pm they had to search for a dinghy with five people on board.

A kayak matching the description was approached by the lifeboat about 800 metres offshore near the piers.