Lifeguards come to the aid of unconscious man in Whitley Bay

RNLI lifeguards came to the aid of a man who had collapsed on the beach at Whitley Bay on the weekend.

Lifeguards were patrolling the beach at 4.20pm on Saturday, July 20, when they were alerted to the plight of an unconscious man further along the beach.

The lifeguards rushed to the scene where man’s friend explained that he was both diabetic and epileptic and that he had suffered several seizures.

Senior RNLI lifeguard Naomi Anderson and RNLI lifeguard Josh Todd, rubbed glucose gel onto his lips and gums to increase his sugar levels.

As the young man was drifting in and out of consciousness, the lifeguards continued their medical checks and called an ambulance.

When the casualty regained consciousness, the lifeguards gave him oxygen and applied more glucose gel.

After further seizures, the lifeguards managed to stabilise the man’s breathing, after which he was taken to hospital by ambulance for further treatment.

Naomi said: “The beach was very hot and busy on Saturday and our main priory was to stabilise the man and make him comfortable until the ambulance arrived.

“All RNLI lifeguards receive comprehensive first aid training as part of the role and it is this essential training that can really make a big difference in situations like this.”

In a separate incident in the afternoon of Friday, July 19, lifeguards at Longsands beach gave medical assistance to a man who had fallen from the North Pier and hit his head.

After a medical assessment, the lifeguards placed the casualty on a spinal board and carefully monitored his condition until paramedics arrived and took him to hospital.