Light at the end of the tunnel

Tyne Tunnel 2 (TT2) book
Tyne Tunnel 2 (TT2) book

Wondering what to get someone with an interest in construction for Christmas? Well a book could give you that light at the end of the tunnel.

The book The Tyne Tunnels showcases the work and construction of the two vehicular tunnels under the river Tyne.

And News Guardian readers are being offered the chance to purchase the book for £5.99 – a 70 per cent saving on the retail price – as a thank you for putting up with the construction works.

The book gives a fully illustrated insight into the story behind the Tyne Tunnels.

Rachel Turnbull, TT2’s chief executive, said: “We’ve received some lovely feedback about the book.

“Not only does it very simply explain how to build a tunnel under the Tyne. It also offers a trip down memory lane for anyone who watched the new vehicle tunnel being built.

“Looking at the people behind the project, and the community who supported it, as well as the big machinery that was needed to make the plans and designs a reality, it has something for everyone.

“The book also takes a fascinating look at the history of the other tunnels on our site, the first vehicle tunnel and the pedestrian and cyclist tunnels.”

Copies of the book can be purchased via or from TT2’s offices in Berwick Street, North Tyneside.