LITTER: Apt task for offenders

While I fully support the views of Messrs Hall and White regarding litter, especially canine excrement, which infests our streets, and the cyclists who illegally ride on pavements, I would caution anyone who picks up litter '“ there are very nasty articles and substances on the pavements.

Thursday, 16th February 2017, 6:00 am
Updated Wednesday, 1st March 2017, 7:40 am

My advice is best use tongs, but if this is inconvenient at least wear rubber gloves.

Recently, I had occasion to visit a warehouse in Shields Road, Byker. The road from Chillingham Metro Station to Shields Road is roughly 150 yards. On one side it is bordered by warehouses, and on the other by a large, derelict site, fenced off.

On the near side the pavement was covered in litter, much of which was piled against the fence. From this repulsive sight it seemed that a long time had elapsed since any attempt was made to remove this filth.

Some time ago I visited Norwich Roman Catholic Cathedral. While admiring the architecture and appreciating the peace and tranquillity, I glimpsed a number of people moving with a zombie-like slowness.

A man who was supervising them informed me that they were offenders performing community service. This is the only occasion on which I have witnessed such offenders.

In view of the disgusting lack of social conscience of many citizens, and the utter failure of our councils to deal with this national problem, litter cleaning would be a very suitable task for offenders.

Or am I missing some important fact?

Douglas Fulthorpe

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