LITTER: Risky ‘treat’ for dogs

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Hello, my name is Dougal and I am a dog. I am very much loved by my owner and a special member of the family. I know this because I get taken for lots of lovely walks. I particularly like the beach, although it’s best in winter when there are very few humans and I can play with the other special family members.

Anyway, I am writing to thank the children of Whitley Bay. I live near Sainsbury’s and I enjoy walking around there as they always leave me lots of lovely snacks on the pavement. These include pizza, sausage rolls and left-over sandwiches. If I am really lucky I find chicken drumsticks, but my owner tries to get these off me (something about choking to death).

I know when the children are out leaving the treats as the seagulls follow them and try to get to there first.

I would also like to thank the footballers who play on Churchill Playing Fields. If I am a good boy I get to walk there on a Sunday afternoon and there are loads of plastic bottles to play with. I often can’t decide between water or left-over sports drinks. One day I counted 11 bottles.

I do get confused between plastic bottles and glass wine bottles. My owner panics when I try to bite a glass bottle and shouts something about the cost of vets’ fees.

It’s so good for me that many humans don’t know how to use waste bins.

However, it would be a real shame if some human decided it would be a good idea to ban children from the pavement and footballers from the football fields. My walks just wouldn’t be the same, although I might lose some weight.

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