LITTER: Show some pride in our country

The plastic bag levy has made a dramatic difference to our surroundings, I am pleased to say.

Saturday, 2nd April 2016, 10:55 am

I would like to see action on the coffee cup situation, but we must not stop there.

Litter is one of the biggest blights on our country and seems to define what it means to be British, especially to outsiders.

Other countries around the world are able to overcome this problem, but not us. We are the fifth richest nation, yet to look at us you would think that we are a Third World country.

Many of our roads are a disgrace, as are our pavements. Road signs and markings are not kept clear, certainly in the local areas.

Past governments have done a lot of talking about ways to improve our surroundings, but without any concrete results. Yes, nice landscaping has been carried out, but it is often not cared for, becoming a trap for litter.

The present government is proposing a sugar tax, which might help the litter situation slightly. Why not impose a refundable deposit on all plastic bottles and drinks cans? Surely it is not a difficult task to set up.

Have the British public lost all their pride in their country, and if so, why?

Bryan Ray

North Shields