LITTER: We all must do our bit

I walk a dog twice a week and have noticed a great increase in litter in our area.

Thursday, 2nd February 2017, 06:04 am
An example of the increase in litter in the area.

I’m worried that it’s becoming dangerous for children and pets to walk and play here.

Just today I picked up four bits of drinks cans, which could have seriously injured a child, pet or our wildlife.

There is also glass on the fields and on many of our paths.

I, like most people, think I didn’t drop it so why should I pick it up?

I also believe our authorities should be doing more to catch and stop people dropping litter.

They should also do more to keep our streets clean.

After all, our council tax did rise last year.

I know the Government has forced the council to cut millions from its budget, but we shouldn’t be forced to live in other people’s rubbish while millions is wasted on a dome, again.

This is a safety issue and should be a priority.

Surely the council can afford a weekly street cleaner.

Unfortunately, even though most of us pay hundreds in tax each month, if we don’t start doing our bit – after our 30-40 hours work a week – nobody will and our area will resemble a tip.

I know if you are reading this you probably don’t drop litter, but please pick it up and put it in a bin if you see it.

Derek Hall