Looking Back at Mayor McArdle

The first Labour Party candidate to win a seat on Wallsend Council was Paul Joseph McArdle in 1923. He remained on the council until his death in 1960, aged 69.

Friday, 26th October 2018, 2:54 pm
Acc 15769 J P McArdle Wallsend Mayor

Always active within the council, he was mayor in 1933/1934 and 1946/1949. He was elected an Alderman in 1934, became a JP, and in 1952 was awarded the Freedom of the Borough.

Since joining the Labour Party in 1920 he served on many boards. In 1948 he became conciliation officer with the Central Electricity Authority covering the north east. On retiring in 1958 he had never had a decision appealed.

Opening a new office for the Citizen’s Advice Bureau in 1949, he called for someone to write the history of Wallsend’s record of social service, but none was written.

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