Looking Back at the Old George and Gaiety Cinema

The large building to the left of centre contained both the Old George public house and the Gaiety Cinema. The entrance to the latter is at the bottom right. The original Old George, built about 1800, was further to the right.

Friday, 31st August 2018, 1:53 pm
Gaiety Picture Hall.

During the 1850s the pub had Assembly Rooms attached, but in the 1870s the building seems to have undergone a decline.

After a thorough and sumptuous redecoration it reopened on September 22, 1884, as the Princess Theatre, with Dan Leno “champion clog dancer” topping the bill. The venture seems to have been unsuccessful as Mr Siddall left the country for New Zealand, where he died in 1889.

The new Old George was on the site portrayed. In 1909 Mr William Stockdale applied to the council for permission to open the Gaiety Cinema.

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