Looking Back at Philiphaugh

Richardson’s History Of The Parish Of Wallsend describes Philiphaugh as the site of the archaeological find which proved that the town had been the Roman garrison of Segedunum.

Thursday, 4th April 2019, 12:17 pm
Acc 28188 PHILIPHAUGH, Wallsend

About May 1892, allotment gardens were being created on uncultivated ground between Carville Hall and Stott’s House Farm.

A number of Roman remains were dug up by Messrs Fairs, Gray and Harbottle, but the most impressive was an altar found by Mr A Arnott.

It measured 35ins by 16ins and was dedicated to Jupiter by the Fourth Cohort of Lingones.

They were known to have been stationed at Segedunum, but there had been no evidence connecting the garrison with Wallsend.

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