Looking Back at Poletti's Bazaar

These dilapidated buildings were on the north side of Front Street, Tynemouth, where Mister Woods Coffee Shop now stands.

Friday, 20th January 2017, 1:56 pm
Front Street, Tynemouth

The Turk’s Head Hotel, with its white facade, can be made out to the left, but the boarded up shop frontage belies a grander past. The central property was 43 Front Street, which along with number 44, incorporated Poletti’s Bazaar.

Thomas Baker took over as proprietor in 1878. The Illustrated Guide of 1899 described the then 40-year-old Bazaar as “one of the best-known institutions in Tynemouth”, offering a wide variety of stock, including French and German fancy goods, field glasses, picture frames, and sports goods.

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