Looking Back at the Spanish City

The crowd appears to find the Spanish City Water Chute an object of fascination, although it cannot have been a new attraction at the time the photograph was taken.

Friday, 17th August 2018, 1:34 pm
PC Water Chute, Spanish City.

Few people remember the original fairground at Whitley Bay, which grew under the aegis of Whitley Amusements Ltd. The company was set up in 1908 to develop the area around the Toreadors’ Concert Party Theatre, and its directors were Messrs H Fail, J.H Rowell, R.N Dowling and C Elderton, the latter being manager of the concert party.

Originally the site was occupied by a zig-zag slide known as the Social Whirl. The next year a firm of American fairground engineers cut off its supports at the base, jacked up the ride and moved it to one side of the pleasure gardens.

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