Looking Back...at The Priory Inn

Although obscured by shadow, the sign on the building to the right reads Priory Cafe. The hanging sign on the opposite side of East Street, Tynemouth, was at the Ocean Tea Rooms.

Friday, 5th August 2016, 1:29 pm
Percy Street, Tynemouth.

In the 1850s Peter Cowey, tailor, held the Tynemouth Priory Inn. He left early in the 1870s. One of his successors was Thomas Mothersdale, but nothing has yet been traced to show who extended the inn.

Magistrates declared the Priory Inn redundant in 1923 so the picture is presumably later. In 1925 the council bought the property, intending to widen East Street. Several cliff-side houses were included in the plans, even the Gibraltar Rock was threatened in 1931. Work was delayed until 1934, by which time the Priory Inn had fallen down.

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