Luciano gives TV chef help

The staff behind an award-winning ice cream shop have been giving advice on how to create the best flavours to staff at a TV chef’s restaurant.

Luciano and Victoria Di Meo, from Di Meo’s ice cream parlour in Whitley Bay, were invited down to Barbecoa at St Paul’s in London in order to help TV cook Jamie Oliver’s pastry chefs improve their ice cream.

Luciano, who has twice won the Champion of Champions accolade at the National Ice Cream Competition, said: “They saw I was two times national champion and that’s why they wanted me to come down.

“Unfortunately Jamie was on holiday in Paris but would have loved to be there.

“They were so impressed with what we did and what we showed them down at their restaurant, and they are going to plan a visit to Whitley Bay to improve their skills in our own ice cream parlour.”