Make a difference before it is too late

I wonder how many people living in Whitley Bay look around and see that the area is in a mess, and are they happy to complain to each other or actually do something about it?

We have the ‘odd job’ done but nothing gets finished.

The Dome needs painting again. I noticed that contractors were on site and the boarding was being painted, so fingers crossed.

But there was the hype about the new road and the frontage to the Dome, and still the area is unfinished, so was the money used for these well spent? Are there funds available to actually get the job finished, perhaps by 2016?

Whitley Bay Promenade stands forlorn. The Victorian shelters are a disgrace and yes, great to save them, but at what cost? Better perhaps to pull them down and build anew but in a similar style. Would that not appease?

I understand lighting is to be provided on the promenade, which is a great idea.

Until the coast area receives a practical long-term strategy for growth and re-development, and the money is found to finish off long overdue jobs, we do not need a visitor centre on the headland by St Mary’s Island.

Currently we enjoy an uninterrupted view. What a sin to have this iconic landscape spoilt. But how many of the residents actually care?

Can we influence the council to attend to those areas crying out for an update which are becoming an eyesore? And leave the ice cream man at St Mary’s Island car park, and the lady that sells from her van. It adds to past memories and these outlets function well or they would not have been around so long.

We are not Whinging in Whitley Bay, we are Wanting where we live to be invested in.

Alongside issues mentioned, some pavements need attention, some roads need resurfacing, car parking charge issues re-considered.

Whitley Bay and neighbouring locations should be somewhere we are proud to live in again, and if we all take ownership we can make a difference before it is too late.

Lynn Liversidge

Whitley Bay