Make comment on council’s local plan

Most of us received at the end of November North Tyneside Council’s Local Plan: Consultation Draft.

It is a map of North Tyneside with potential development sites over the next 15 years marked in pink. It can also be viewed on their website.

We are asked to comment and post our views back the council by January 6, 2014.

There is very little jargon on this particular literature and I found it easy to understand and comment on. But we still need to question the figures and facts stated on it. It is given to us at a busy time of the year i.e Christmas. I would urge people not to neglect commenting on it.

Two questions I would have are what are the employment opportunities to support the residents of the proposed 16,200 additional homes? Why can’t over 50 per cent of the houses be affordable homes as opposed to the 25 per cent in their plan?

Green infrastructure and landscape design also need to be at the core of the whole process and not seen as an add-on or a “nice to have”.

If you have not received the document ask the council for it.

Carmel McGrath

Address supplied