Making a case for the region

The News Guardian is teaming up with other north east newspapers to call on the Government to help the economic prosperity of the region.

Backed by local authorities and business leaders, the NEvolution campaign is calling for support to help grow the north east economy.

NEvolution is aiming to make a case for the north east ahead of the Government’s Spending Review on June 26, highlighting to Chancellor George Osborne that the region is geared up to grow.

The campaign is calling for greater devolution of powers and more funding to help businesses grow, improve opportunities and create jobs.

Supported by the Association of North East Councils (ANEC), the campaign aims to present a united voice.

ANEC chair Coun Paul Watson said support by north east councils was testament to the importance presented by the Spending Review.

He said: “The NEvolution campaign is a unique and ground-breaking approach that celebrates the great things we have achieved across the whole of the north east, and makes the case for this area of the country to the government. We are a capable, constructive collection of people. We believe we can make things even better and grow our economies and the UK economy.

“We believe that, if we are given the power and financial wherewithall, we can make this area of the country even more prosperous.”

NEvolution is aiming to highlight the benefits of acting on the Heseltine Report – No Stone Unturned.

As well as power and funding, NEvolution calls for support to drive the development of the skills, improvements to transport and improved access to funding for growth.

Among projects that could be on the agenda are resolving issues around the A19/A1058 Silverlink junction.