Making a splash to raise cash for Rosie

Puddle Ducks swim academy swimmers with the mascot 'Puddle the duck'.
Puddle Ducks swim academy swimmers with the mascot 'Puddle the duck'.

A baby and toddler swimming group is making a splash to raise money for a young girl.

Puddle Ducks is supporting one of its swimmers, four-year-old Rosie Dalkin, after she was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.

Her family are raising money to buy and train an assistance dog to alert them when Rosie’s blood glucose levels fluctuate.

Puddle Ducks held a pyjama party where youngsters were able to show off their lifesaving skills.

For more on Rosie’s appeal or to make a donation, visit dalkin

Carolyn Sharpe, who runs the classes, said: “Being able to raise money for Rosie at the same time really is the icing on the cake.”

“Being in water in clothes helps children realise how it could feel if they got into trouble.”

“In a controlled environment in a pool they can learn how to cope with this situation, so if it unfortunately happened out there in the real world, they’d be more equipped to deal with it.

“No other company combines swimming and life-saving in the way we do – water safety is a structured and integral part of Puddle Ducks’ toddler classes, with a focus for the children on saving other people’s lives as well as their own.

“It’s always an incredibly proud day for both parents and teachers.”

Since opening in North Tyneside in November 2010, Puddle Ducks has taught more than 1000 children across the area to swim.

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