Massive lobby may just stir things up

The Labour dinosaur-dominated council and its mayor have long had it in for the genteel folks in long-suffering Whitley Bay.

They have previous form in their misrepresentation of the facts to justify decisions taken without proper consultation and behind closed doors.

Not long ago we lost a popular library for the same reasons: ‘health and safety’, leaky roof, ‘independent inspection’, blah blah.

Did it ever occur to the council to maintain their property? Regular maintenance would have cost the hard-pressed rate payers a good deal less than the millions squandered on a huge building housing the new library but principally for the benefit of the council ... and this in an age where computerised systems should have greatly reduced the need for office space.

To give them some credit, though, the new library is very nice. However, my recent visits have shown it to be little used compared to the old library, partly due to the constantly lurking storm trooper-like parking wardens.

Meanwhile, at last the demolition of some of the north’s most hideous seafront eyesores is progressing as the council belatedly rediscovers its power of compulsory purchase, hopefully not as slowly as the long promised refurbishment of the Dome.

We thought they had finished years ago, then it just stopped.

Talking recently to an old friend, long emigrated to California, I was telling her about the Dome and how they had painted false windows on it, complete with curtains and chandeliers. It was several minutes before she managed to stop laughing.

Charles Stewart calls for a petition of no confidence (News Guardian, letters, October 2). Go for it, but let me suggest another idea: a petition to Westminster that Whitley Bay be split from North Tyneside, at least for purely local matters.

Only the restoration of a new town council will cure the on-going woes.

In the meantime, maybe a massive mail and e-mail lobby to the prime minister directly might just stir things up.

Don’t knock it. It worked fine for Tim Robbins in The Shawshank Redemption.

Colin Johnson

Whitley Bay