Meeting showed true colours

The true nature of the Labour Party as self-serving and arrogant was revealed at the last meeting of North Tyneside Council.

Before the Mayoral system was introduced, the then Labour Council leader introduced a system whereby the Chair and Deputy Chair positions on committees would no longer be exclusively of the ruling group. This system persisted through all Mayors until recently.

When the current Mayor took over Labour took all of the chair and deputy chair positions, but had a problem in that there were unexpectedly more Labour councillors than positions. They solved this problem by doubling the number of deputy chair positions so that every member of the Labour group would have the basic councillors allowance and at least an extra £1,400 for being a deputy chair or £2,500 for being a chair of a committee.

They were so pleased with themselves for winning the Mayoral election that they renamed the council’s magazine from Widening Horizons to Our North Tyneside just to point out who were the masters now.

The last elections provided them with a further problem as there were now even more of them so they imaginatively created more committees so that every member of the Labour group would have the basic allowance and at least an extra deputy chairs allowance.

But it now seems that this still isn’t enough for the Labour Party.

Councillors have been presented with the same flawed proposals for a change in the councillors allowances since 2009 and not voted for a change. Nothing has changed in the proposals, except the amount is higher, so there was no sound reason for accepting one now.

What has changed is that Labour have rediscovered their ‘divine right to rule’ and expect to sweep to complete victory in the May elections.

To this end they decided they needed a big reward. Labour Deputy Mayor Bruce Pickard stated that this 24 per cent raise was ’a brave decision’ and that we should be thankful that it was this small as ‘We could have gone further’.

They will go further, as the allowances for the chairs and deputy chairs will be considered after the elections when they can put them up to reward themselves even more!

This self-avowed ‘brave decision’ by a Labour party with Absolute Control of the Council is being carried out to the background of cuts to all manner of services.

This is the sort of obscenity that calls all of the public sector into disrepute.

Coun David Ord

North Tyneside Council