Message in a bottle scheme starts again

A borough charity has resumed its free ‘message in a bottle’ scheme in preparation for winter.

Whitley Bay-based umbrella charity Angels of the North provides the emergency services with vital details of any illness or allergy a resident may suffer from, any medication taken and the name of a contact person.

The scheme works by residents keeping their details in a small plastic bottle, which they store in their fridge.

Two special green stickers are supplied, which are known to the Emergency Services and other caring agencies, which are fixed inside the front door of their house and on the outside of their fridge door, where they can be easily seen.

Angels of the North will provide free forms that residents can complete with all their relevant information and these forms are kept in the bottle provided.

Barbara Connors-Fowler, honorary chief executive, said: “We hope to distribute hundreds of the bottles over the next few weeks.

“It is extremely important that the emergency services have as much information as quickly as possible.”

The bottles will be delivered free during the next month.