Metal found in youngster’s Happy Meal

IT was anything but a happy meal for a North Tyneside mum who found an unwanted surprise in her daughter’s McDonald’s box.

Natasha Dawe found a sharp chunk of metal in the ‘Happy Meal’ she bought her seven-year-old daughter Olivia at the fast food giant’s restaurant in Benton.

Now Natasha, of Weardale Avenue, Forest Hall, is demanding an apology and an explanation.

The 29-year-old said: “I would like the public to know what my daughter found in her Happy Meal.

“No, not a toy, but a metal divider with the number 11 emblazoned on it which was greasy, dirty and sharp.”

Natasha and her husband Denis, 31, called into the restaurant as a special treat for Olivia after she had been to a nearby play area.

The youngster was tucking into her meal in the car on her way home when she pulled out the ten by ten centimetre L-shaped metal divider.

Natasha said: “I immediately phoned and they asked me, ‘How did that get there?’, and I said I don’t know that is why I’m ringing.

“I asked to speak to the manager but I was told she wasn’t available.

“I still wasn’t happy with this so a security manager took my contact details and said he would pass them on to the manager. It’s a disgrace, Where is the customer satisfaction? It’s non-existent.”

A spokesperson for McDonald’s said: “We are very sorry for Mrs Dawe’s experience when visiting our restaurant and for how her complaint was handled.

“We have the highest standards of hygiene and safety and we are investigating how this piece of restaurant equipment made its way into a Happy Meal box on this occasion.

“Our customer services department has been in touch with Mrs Dawe.”