Method for bowling charges is unfair

I REFER to the article regarding the increases in fees for sports facilities in 2012 (News Guardian, April 19).

The figures quoted for bowling fees are totally incorrect.

Last year’s fees were levied on a sliding scale depending on age, possession of an Ease card, social benefits and priority status.

In our club one member paid £37.50, three members paid £29.30, ten paid £23.80 and ten paid £15.30 – a total of £506.30 – averaging £21.10 for a 21 week session, i.e. £1 per week, not 42p.

For the coming 2012 season, we are to be levied a lump sum of £1,200 and with a reduced membership of 16 members, this averages at £75 for 21 weeks, i.e. £3.57 per week, not £1.54.

This method of charging is totally unfair as the individual bowler will have to pay according to the total membership of his club.

This is obviously part of the plans “to close down some of the bowling clubs with few members”.

Our club, which is based in Northumberland Park, was founded in 1892, and has a very proud heritage being among the first 12 clubs formed in the county of Northumberland.

All bowlers are of equal status and should be charged an equal fee for bowling on the greens of North Tyneside.

Furthermore, all greens in North Tyneside should be maintained to an equal standard and this is certainly not the case.



Percy Bowling Club