METRO: Night disturbance is beyond belief

The Metro.
The Metro.

As a resident who lives beside the Metro station at Cullercoats, it is with disgust and tiredness I write this.

We all understand that the Metro system needs maintenance, but the level of disrespect shown by the company doing the work is unbelievable.

The contractors are relatively quiet during the day, but at night they are noise polluting the area to an extreme scale, and it’s all night.

As for the floodlights shining into your windows, they are so bright you feel like you could get third degree sunburn – they should have screening so the residents of Percy Avenue don’t need sunglasses in their houses at night.

The bad planning, so that the loudest noise takes place overnight, defies belief.

They even have a horn that beeps every time a truck moves.

Yes, it’s good health and safety, but why not have some light changing beacons to show that the thing is going to be moving?

We have our windows closed tight, and that’s not something a cold winter’s night has managed in years, and it’s still no good.

I, and others, are in dread of when the next planned work is going to take place.

Just show some respect and keep the noise to the days, or keep it quieter, please.

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