Metro running campaign on its new system

A public awareness campaign across the Metro system is under way to promote its new ticketing system.

The campaign, being run by Nexus, aims to show customers how to use the new ticketing system using Pop cards and paper tickets.

Metro’s ticketing and gating system is being phased in ahead of a full switch on in the new year, with large posters at stations to remind smartcard customers they have to ‘touch in’ and ‘touch out’ as they start and finish their journey.

The ticket gates have an orange reader on them, and smartcard users should touch their card on them as they pass through.

All other stations have yellow validators at the entrances and exits to the platforms.

Smartcard users are being advised they should always touch their smartcard on them when entering or leaving the station.

Passengers with paper tickets purchased from Metro simply need to pass their purchased ticket through the ticket feeder on the front of each gate in order to get through.

Nexus has installed smartcard functionality and automatic ticket gates on Metro as part of the £389m Metro all change modernisation programme.