METRO: We share frustration


Regarding the Cullercoats resident who wrote about the noise disruption due to Metro works (News Guardian, April 14), I just wanted to offer my sympathy and support in their frustrations.

As a resident of The Crescent in Whitley Bay, my family and neighbours have also had to suffer a very difficult few months of constant night work (and limited day work), and very little support or regard from North Tyneside Council or Nexus.

A number of us have made complaints via the appropriate channels, many of which have not been responded to.

While we understand the need to improve the Metro lines, to put compounds so close to residents’ homes and not offer any kind of temporary accommodation is irresponsible.

To add to this, most of the noisy work has taken place at night, with the daytime being relatively uneventful. Contractors have been so close to our property they can see into the bedrooms.

Nexus promised to keep night work to a minimum and that the contractors would be respectful of the people who live here. We have not seen that at all.

Our council representatives seem even less interested.

We have been told that these compounds will be closed down on May 2 and returned to their proper purpose. I truly hope that this is true as we are struggling to cope with much more of it.

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