Mick is determined to take home a medal

A former national cycling champion who underwent a life-saving heart transplant operation before Christmas will compete in the British Transplant Games at the end of July.

North Shields born Mick Bradshaw will participate in two bicycle races – an individual time trial covering five kilometres as well as a 12-kilometre road race.

Mick, who now lives in North Seaton, had a transplant at the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle at the beginning of December last year.

“You are supposed to wait six months before competing so I have just slipped in under the wire,” said the 64-year-old.

“My ultimate aim, and dream, is to try and win a medal so I can send it to the heart donor’s family with a letter.

“When you are in for a transplant, there is a huge team looking after you, but you don’t know where the donor heart has come from and I can’t thank everyone enough.”

“I really believe it is important for people to donate their organs because it can save so many lives,” he added.