Misuse of these signs nothing new

The misuse of Newcastle upon Tyne as a postal address for towns in North Tyneside is nothing new ‘Signs have city name for a borough town’ (News Guardian, May 1).

It did not take me long to find another example of this misuse.

On the same day as the article appeared, I did some shopping, and my receipt showed the address of the shop as ‘Howdon, Newcastle upon Tyne’. I could give many more examples.

This is something which I have found irritating for many years. Surely businesses must know the authority to which they pay their rates.

Several years ago I wrote to North Tyneside Council asking if they could take any action to stop this practice, but they were not interested.

Even now, they seem to be getting around the issue with the change of address – to one with an NE27 postcode, which ironically is in the Newcastle postal district.

Bob Stapley

North Shields