Money better spent on run down centre

Has anyone figured out what the council planners were trying to achieve by installing so many traffic lights in such a short space on the Earsdon Road dual carriageway?

It will no doubt have connections to veritable health and safety issues.

I have used the Wellfield exit for years, and there has never been a need for traffic lights.

During busy times, going to work and returning, the traffic seemed to filter in with no problem.

I can’t recall a single accident or difficulty that was due to the nature of the junction.

Not to mention the ugly pedestrian crossing and metal safety fences.

Another useless waste of funds that could have been better utilised. Another frustration to motorists and pedestrians alike.

The introduction of West Park, and subsequent building of 300 new houses, will no doubt be the reason.

Has there even been a survey to assess the volume of traffic using the exits, I wonder?

The traffic is commanded to halt, and most times through the day there are no other vehicles waiting to cross.

The lights at the entrance to West Park are flashing away, and there is no one living there yet.

Oh despair.

Now we understand our the council is pressing forward with plans to build another 5,000 homes in the area. How are we going to cope with the consequence of that?

This council only sees the amount of additional council tax to be collected (and ultimately wasted on more scatterbrained ideas) and do not consider the impact on roads and other infrastructure.

Is it time for the shutters to be pulled down in our once pretty area and the ‘full up’ sign erected?

May I also say how much I agree with recent letters ‘Mayor on the wrong track’ and ‘what were they thinking’.

Whitley Bay will not ever again be the resort it was, and a mini train along the seafront is unthinkable.

Where can residents and visitors go to enjoy a nice coffee on Whitley Bay seafront. There are one or two very nice places, but it has a long way to go to catch up with Tynemouth.

Whitley Bay has become such an ugly place.

The corny catchphrase carved in stone by the Dome should be removed, ASAP.

The Spanish City Dome will not, I fear, recapture the days of the past. It is a monument and reminder of days gone by. A new plaza will not change anything.

As for events, a large chunk of car parking has been given over to a new care home. Where will all the hundreds of visitors park?

Why is the council fixated on this project?

The Dome is already in need of re-painting. Obviously a quick fix in the first place. How much more cash will it gobble up?

If a private firm had been contracted to complete the paved plaza it would have incurred every penalty in the contract. It has taken the council so long it must have cost a fortune.

The money would be much more wisely spent on rejuvenating our very tatty run down town centre.

Carol Suddes

West Monkseaton