Monologues at men's club meeting

Retired fireman Peter Weighill gave a presentation titled More North East Monologues to Cullercoats Men's Club.

Sunday, 11th March 2018, 6:58 am
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Peter’s presentation was mainly in the Geordie Dialect with many stories about the coal miners, their free time activities and some ‘Nettie humour’.

A monologue recounted a tale of what the Battle of Waterloo would have been like if our current health and safety regulations had been around with a slice of political correctness added in.

Several drolleries from Geordie Brown of Backworth were presented as well as works entitled The Bar Room, The Irish Pig, The Priest Came Home for Tea, There’s a Bow-legged Knackered Kneed Bus Stop to the North of Jarrow Slack, The Council Flag at Half Mast, The Spuggie’s Smile and many others.

The whole presentation was very humorous throughout and had the men in continual laughter.

Questions followed on several points to conclude a very entertaining morning.