More care packs will be distributed

A borough charity has exceed its target for delivering patient care packs to hospitals in the north east.

The Angels of the North umbrella charity, based in Whitley Bay, had entered into agreements to supply £10,000 worth of the packs to 20 hospitals in the region by June 30.

But the charity reached the target at the end of last month, and has now increased its target for the year to £14,000.

Honorary chief executive officer, Barbara Connors-Fowler, said: “The Trustees of Angels of the North are particularly pleased to help parents of children unfortunate enough to have to be rushed into hospital, above all at unpredictable hours, to cross one worry off their list of things to be done, particularly when they have to be admitted in an emergency.

“I was also pleased when nursing staff reported to me that giving an adult patient a care pack often leads to a conversation about their overall wellbeing.

“When I worked in the Intensive Care Unit at North Tyneside General Hospital, I often heard ward nurses discussing the problems caused by patients not having time to collect their bits and pieces from their bathrooms before admission.”

The patient care packs come in waterproof and re-sealable bags, and are filled with essentials such as soap, shower gel, shower cap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, facecloth, and comb, and are packed to meet the additional needs of male and female patients.