More consultation is required on plans

IN response to the letter which said people should welcome the one million pounds to be spent at the coast for regeneration and not moan (News Guardian, September 8), I wish to respond.

More than 100 people from Cullercoats attended two meetings run by North Tyneside Council and attended by the mayor and councillors.

But many of us were dismayed by the top down and undemocratic way that these consultation meetings were run and seemed contrived to arrive at decisions already made by officers about local needs at the coast here in Cullercoats.

That is why many of us were upset and were grateful to Nathon Allonby, who personally funded the cost of a hall so that this ‘dissatisfaction’ could be given an expression, as this is a once in a life time opportunity for many of us to get the chance to have a real say in improving our area; now a conservation area.

Ninety people came to that meeting with no help from the council.

The money, the £1m, is being targeted at tourism and not at improving the daily lives of the residents of Cullercoats; particularly young people who deserve our support.

Many of us are concerned that there are no youth facilities provided by the council in Cullercoats, despite the designs offered by young people at Marden High School to the cabinet two years ago.

They need somewhere to meet and socialise other than having to hang around street corners.

And turning the beach public toilets into a café to save money is not one of the sensible ways that money should be spent.

Many were also angry about how the views of local people have been misrepresented by the private consultants, which the council spent £50,000 on to produce a report to justify how it wants the money to be spent.

We want further consultation before any more work goes ahead.

Now, if this is moaning, the correspondent needs to wake up.

Yes, many of us are annoyed, and that is because we have not been fairly represented by our councillors.

We want further consultation before any more work goes ahead.