More money best incentive to work

Thank you to Rebecca Moore, Member of the UK Youth Parliament and guest writer for Alan Campbell’s Westminster column (News Guardian, February 12).

As someone representing young people who are leaving school and searching for the best route into their future, her article shows that she has a clear view of one of today’s problems with the world of work – the minimum wage, great when introduced in 1998 but no longer keeping pace with today’s cost of living.

It is different (meaning less) for younger age groups; difficult to enforce (I am not sure there has ever been a successful prosecution for none compliance); and desperately in need of increasing.

I support both her efforts to highlight the problem of increased living costs for working individuals and families on the lowest income and her hope that readers will join with her in campaigning to get improvements.

Giving working people on the lowest wages more money to live on is also the best incentive to get other people off welfare benefits.

Coun Muriel Green

Weetslade Ward