Most motorists are decent folk

As a keen leisure cyclist in the coastal area I found little of meaningful interest in the narrative from Tom Bailey representing Sustrans (News Guardian, letters, October 2).

Several of his comments made little sense such as ‘moving young people around is becoming difficult’, accusing drivers of being ‘workie tickets’, and ‘drivers will observe others who break the law and follow suit’. Quite ridiculous.

Sustrans is a charity that received £36m of taxpayers’ money and a further £7m from the Lottery this year and raised only three per cent of its budget from fundraising.

All at a time when we are expected to pull in our belts as we are ‘all in this together’.

I now learn that almost £200,000 of local taxpayers’ money is to be spent creating the 400-metre cycle paths along a short section of The Broadway in Tynemouth; I trust this will be limited to a simple dedicated white line to each side of the road, but I am probably being naïve in my thoughts.

Unlike the apparent view of Mr Bailey, I tend to think most motorists are pretty decent folk who try their best to give cyclists a wide berth. Regretfully there are accidents associated with all forms of transport.

I also take exception that most parents are happy for their children to ride defective bicycles and with poor lighting.

Perhaps Mr Bailey as a representative of Sustrans should also lighten up and drop the controversial attitude towards other forms of transport than the two wheels of a bicycle.

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