Name and shame these owners

Having returned to the north east for a visit to the stomping ground of our youth on December 22/23, we were disgusted to find that the short and supposedly scenic distance between The Rex and the Spanish City was spoiled by the amount of fresh dog excrement.

We counted 15 ‘deposits’ in the space of a few hundred yards.

There are dog fouling signs so why is there no one on hand to issue on the spot fines? What is the point of threatening to do something if there is no follow-up?

This gives the irresponsible dog owners carte blanche to flaunt laws, destroy the pleasure of locals and visitors to the area, and from what we saw; you can ill afford to alienate anyone from visiting Whitley Bay.

I was so busy watching where to put my feet, it completely destroyed the supposed pleasure of the view of the sea and St Mary’s Island.

From the Spanish City we walked down on the prom where there was no excrement.

We supposed that all the dog walkers on the beach had either let their animals either relieve themselves on the public footpath or were allowing them to hang on until they were on the sand!

It beggars belief that as there must be hundreds of dog walkers in that area per day that no one is checking their dog toileting responsibility.

Not all dog owners are irresponsible but the evidence is there for all to see that quite a number are and they are the ones who need to be identified and made examples of by naming and shaming.

Would you or I get away with letting a member of our family defecate where and when they chose to?

I think not so come on, work on getting rid of this unsightly and health-threatening mess once and for all.

Faye Gibson

by email