Narrow minded view of cyclists

I REFER to the letter ‘Is it any wonder folk get annoyed at the cyclists?’ (News Guardian, November 24).

This letter is quite possibly the most narrow minded view of cyclists I have ever read.

I can assure you the letter refers to a minority not the majority of cyclists.

It seems cyclists can’t do right for doing wrong, continuously being got at by both the motorist and pedestrian.

May I point out to pedestrians the motor car is your biggest danger out there not the bike.

Motorists killed 405 last year whilst cyclists killed none. Motorists also killed 111 cyclists and seriously injured 2,660.

Is it any wonder that some cyclists choose to try their luck on the pavement rather than the overcrowded and dangerous roads.

The correspondent states they are astounded to see cyclists holding up the traffic and creating unsafe roads. This is utter rubbish.

I don’t ever recall a bus, taxi or any other road going transport being late due to the fact cyclists were holding them up.

If a cycle lane is available on a road it is up to the cyclist if they choose to use it or not, there is no law requiring that a cyclist should (The highway code, rules for cyclists, section 63).

Cyclists are certainly not above the law, and nor should they be.

You point out the scenario of “what if motorists ignored the rules?”. They do every day.

If a motorist breaks the rules they are dealt with by the police, as is a cyclist.

The suggestion that bicycles should have a registration number is also ridiculous, it’s foolish to think that my seven-year-old daughter, before getting her new bike from Santa this Christmas must have her licence, registration and all necessary Department of Transport documentation in order before going out for a ride. What nonsense.

I would be intrigued to see your evidence on the “damage caused by cyclists on the pathways in Holywell Dene”.

I can’t find any scientific study that show that cyclists cause more wear to pathways than any other trail user such as hikers, horse riders, runners etcetera.

As for taxing a bike, it’s completely preposterous to even contemplate such a measure, considering that low emission cars don’t even require tax and they can still produce up to 100 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometre.

So yes, you are giving the majority of cyclists a ‘bum rap’, and throughout life there will always be a minority who cause upset.

Both of my children own bikes and I write this letter as you placed them in the majority, I’m now worried that you may jump out on some bridleway on an anti-cycling mission giving them what for through no fault of their own.

Until everyone who uses the public highway including motorists, cyclists and pedestrians, reads and understands the highway code there will always be conflict.


North Shields