Need to appeal more widely to whole country

The new Parliament is starting to settle in with the pomp of last week’s Queen’s Speech over.

But on some crucial issues there is a very great lack of detail.

The Conservatives threw caution to the wind in the election campaign by making uncosted promises and threats to cut taxes, increase health spending and cut Welfare by £12bn.

They gave no clue as to how they would raise the money or balance the books.

They said they had cut welfare before so they could be trusted. But newer and deeper cuts are inevitable.

We still have no clue. Last week we had the gimmick of a law that no taxes would be increased.

We will know the detail of cuts when the budget is announced in July.

The Conservatives have refused to come clean on the very painful cuts to in-work and out-of-work benefits.

The uncertainty may well come back to haunt them and make the fragility of their 12-seat majority ever more obvious.

Labour is learning what went wrong as it elects a new leadership.

We need to appeal more widely to people across the whole country, with policies of economic competence and hope, so that no one is left behind.

Meanwhile, as the official Opposition, Labour Party MPs have the serious job of holding the new government to account on all of its ill-defined election promises.